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Shungite is one of the most powerful stones for energetic release and cleaning/detoxifying physical spaces. It is especially protective and useful on the effects of EMFs, including radiation, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, microwave and other vibrational emissions. Use it to restore emotional, physical, and spiritual balance, and to anchor yourself to the earth.

Made from a rare carbon material, it is extremely protective can be used to cleanse other stones. It does not require its own cleansing.

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The root chakra is located at the base of the spine near the tailbone and is associated with the color red. When open and in alignment, you can feel grounded, secure, and independent. When blocked, you may feel threatened, or as if you are on unstable ground.


October 23 - November 21
Water • Scorpion
Mysterious, courageous, dynamic


Saturn represents order, structure, and discipline. It is also associated with focus and responsibility.

Metaphysical Properties



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