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Larimar is a unique stone that is found only in and around the Dominican Republic. Also known as the Stone of Atlantis and the Dolphin stone, it has strong connections with water and the ocean and can help you adopt a "go with the flow" attitude. When you think of the ocean, you might think of its peaceful and soothing qualities; Larimar promotes those same feelings within you as it radiates love, peace, compassion, and joy. It is a high-vibration stone that can be used to harmonize your body and soul to new vibrations, helping you release self-sabotaging behavior. You can use it to help you speak your truth calmly and wisely, and to facilitate the healing of heart trauma.

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Third Eye
The third eye chakra is located slightly above the point between the eyebrows. It is associated with the color indigo and is most connected to intuition, wisdom, and imagination. When open, the third eye chakra enables one to follow their intuition and see the big picture in all situations. When blocked, it can manifest as headaches, or issues with sight, hearing, or concentration.
The throat chakra is located in the center of throat and is closely linked with verbal communication. An open throat chakra can help you speak and listen with truth, compassion, and confidence. When blocked, it can manifest as voice and throat problems. Someone with a blocked throat chakra may dominate conversations, gossip, speak without thinking, or have trouble putting their feelings into words. The throat chakra is associated with the color blue.
The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, just above the heart. It's associated with the color green and is closely linked with interpersonal connection, compassion, and the ability to give and receive love. When blocked or out of ailgnment, you may feel lonely, insecure, isolated, and have a hard time opening up to the people in your life.


July 23 - August 22
Fire sign • Lion
Passionate, loyal, creative


Neptune is a planet associated with intuition and expression. It represents openness, vision, and imagination.

Metaphysical Properties



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