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Azurite is a highly sought-after deep blue mineral that purifies and develops the emotional body, alleviating tension and concern, assisting in the healing of loss and despair. By reducing such negative emotions Azurite can help bring you into a higher state of consciousness, easing you towards enlightenment. This crystal also amplifies creativity and inner wisdom through the third eye chakra. Its high copper content facilitates energy flow and amplifies the mind-body connection.

If you are insecure and find yourself living primarily to satisfy others, Azurite can instill calmness and courage so that you may express yourself intuitively. Once you know your will, you can communicate needs and boundaries with kindness. Think of boundaries as the outer manifestation of self-love.

Having Azurite around you is a terrific way to tap into its energy. Azurite is a rubbing stone, which adds to its uniqueness. When carrying the stone, rub it regularly and talk your problems to it so that it can help you resolve them.

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Third Eye
The third eye chakra is located slightly above the point between the eyebrows. It is associated with the color indigo and is most connected to intuition, wisdom, and imagination. When open, the third eye chakra enables one to follow their intuition and see the big picture in all situations. When blocked, it can manifest as headaches, or issues with sight, hearing, or concentration.
The throat chakra is located in the center of throat and is closely linked with verbal communication. An open throat chakra can help you speak and listen with truth, compassion, and confidence. When blocked, it can manifest as voice and throat problems. Someone with a blocked throat chakra may dominate conversations, gossip, speak without thinking, or have trouble putting their feelings into words. The throat chakra is associated with the color blue.


November 22 - December 21
Fire sign • Archer
Knowledge, self-improvement, emotional
December 22 - January 19
Earth sign • Sea goat
Patience, responsible, dedicated
January 20 - February 18
Air sign • Water bearer
Innovative, progressive, revolutionary


Jupiter is a planet of luck, generosity, and abundance. It represents growth, spirituality, and truth.
Venus is a planet of love and romance. It also represents attraction, harmony, and all things beautiful.

Metaphysical Properties



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