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Also known as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage, Amazonite can help calm stress, fear, worry, and negative emotions. Like the ocean, it promotes peace, tranquility, and balance, helping you stay grounded and supporting emotional boundaries. Use Amazonite to help you see the big picture and appreciate both sides of an argument; this can encourage you to make your own conclusions and feel secure in your decisions. Its blue-green color aligns with both the heart and throat chakras, facilitating unconditional love and releasing grief. It also offers protection from electromagnetic pollution. Note: Amazonite cannot be cleansed with water; use sacred smoke, moonlight, or selenite instead.


Even though it is fossilized tree resin and not technically a crystal, Amber is prized for its healing abilities, particularly as an anti-inflammatory. Its warming and grounding properties can help alleviate physical pain, increase energy, and ease stress. It can transform the negative energy it absorbs into positive energy, helping the body to heal itself. It is also powerful at cleansing the environment and the chakras. Note: Amber is very soft so be cautious when using and storing it to avoid scratches.


One of the most common stones, Amethyst is revered for its healing and cleansing properties, and its ability to enhance spiritual awareness. Its ability to calm or stimulate the mind as appropriate can help you feel more focused and motivated, comfortable generating and accepting new ideas, and emotionally balanced. Position its point towards you to draw in its energy, and away from you to draw our negative energy. In Greek it can be translated to "not drunken" and can be helpful in finding balance, centeredness, and overcoming addictions.


Ametrine is a quartz that contains both Amethyst and Citrine in one beautiful stone. As such, it amplifies the qualities of both stones: enhancing positive energy flow, prosperity and abundance, and deep healing. If you're feeling lethargic, indecisive, or in a rut, use Ametrine to help you take control of your life and bring mental clarity while enhancing acceptance and overcoming prejudices. When used during meditation, it can help calm the mind and bring deep issues to the surface so they can be released. Ametrine can also help balance opposites and contradictions, including positive/negative, male/female, and yin/yang.


As its name suggests, Angelite facilitates contact with the angelic realm. It can help you connect with your personal guardian angels and other benevolent beings that may be around you. It emits a peaceful, soothing, and calming energy that can be used to enhance telepathic communication. Angelite promotes healing on an energetic level, making it a great stone for healers as it deepens attunement. Use Angelite to help you be more compassionate and accepting, and to speak your truth. Note: Angelite is a very soft stone so can be scratched or chipped. It can transform to common gypsum if in contact with water; take care not to immerse it to cleanse or bathe/swim with it.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears are obsidian stones formed into spheres or ovals. They carry the same properties as Obsidian, but promote gentler healing. Use this stone if you are suffering from grief or other difficult emotions to help encourage forgiveness. Apache Tears can also bring negative energy to the surface so it can be healed.


Apatite is a beautiful blue-green stone that is often confused with stones like Peridot and Beryl. It is most useful for those suffering from social anxiety as it encourages extroversion. Use it to find heightened motivation towards your goals and deepen your meditation practice, thereby bringing a higher level of truth and spiritual wisdom. Note: Apatite can be brittle and soft and may chip easily; do not store with other crystals.


Aquamarine is a wonderful stone to balance and soothe. Like the ocean which its colors reflect, it can be used to calm anxiety, ease fear, and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. If you're overwhelmed by thoughts, meditating with Aquamarine can help you feel in tune with your intuition and higher self and can give you the courage to speak your unique truth. Note: Aquamarine's color can fade if stored in direct sunlight for long periods of time.


Argonite has deep connections to the earth and helps bring strong feelings of grounding, stability, and truth. It can be very useful for workaholics and those who don't know how to slow down and rest by bringing a sense of balance, harmony, and patience. Use it to calm oversensitivity as it encourages logical thinking and pragmatism. Argonite is also helpful in releasing outdated beliefs by aligning with and radiating your true self. Note: Argonite can benefit from regular (weekly or bi-weekly) cleansing to ensure it can keep bringing you a sense of acceptance and stability.


Aventurine is a stone of positivity and prosperity, helping you access the natural abundance of the universe. It can help you turn negative experiences and situations into positive ones, transforming pessimism into optimism. Qualities seen in great leaders such as decisiveness, compassion, and empathy can be enhanced with Aventurine. Blue and green are the most common colors, but you may also find it in green, red, orange, yellow, or white. The different colors associate with the different chakra energies.


Azurite is a highly sought-after deep blue mineral that purifies and develops the emotional body, alleviating tension and concern, assisting in the healing of loss and despair. By reducing such negative emotions Azurite can help bring you into a higher state of consciousness, easing you towards enlightenment. This crystal also amplifies creativity and inner wisdom through the third eye chakra. Its high copper content facilitates energy flow and amplifies the mind-body connection. If you are insecure and find yourself living primarily to satisfy others, Azurite can instill calmness and courage so that you may express yourself intuitively. Once you know your will, you can communicate needs and boundaries with kindness. Think of boundaries as the outer manifestation of self-love. Having Azurite around you is a terrific way to tap into its energy. Azurite is a rubbing stone, which adds to its uniqueness. When carrying the stone, rub it regularly and talk your problems to it so that it can help you resolve them.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is known for absorbing and providing protection against negative energy - from the environment, people, and electronic frequencies. It has strong connections to the earth and can help you feel grounded, balanced, and self-confident by drawing emotional waste through your body and into the earth. It is considered a mental healer that can promote a relaxed and positive attitude, and clear thought. Since Black Tourmaline absorbs energy, if it breaks you should consider it to be at its maximum capacity and you can discard it by returning it to the earth. You can also cleanse your black tourmaline by burying it in the earth, or by using smoke, sound or selenite (but not water).


Bloodstone itself is rich in iron so it's no surprise that it has strong connections to the heart and can purify both the physical and emotional bodies. It assists in releasing old energy, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve you and helps you feel safe and grounded. If you are feeling irritable or impatient, Bloodstone can help ground you and help you live in the present moment. Use it to bring a sense of vitality, vigor, and movement, and to enhance your creativity, intuition, courage, and wisdom.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony is a stone to aid in self-perception and self-expression - it can help you speak your truth, express yourself creatively, and feel an overall sense of peace and contentment. It is a great stone to aid communication skills. It can help you become a more attentive listener, and assist you in finding the most tactful ways to speak so that the listener will hear what you are saying. If you are doubting yourself, use Blue Chalcedony to help you listen to your inner voice and balance your emotions.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a master cleanser - it does not hold negativity, so it never needs cleansing. It can also cleanse other stones around it. It is a great equalizer and balancer, taking dense energy in a space and transmuting it. This stone can also regulate masculine and feminine energies, enabling balance and harmony between them. If you are feeling discouraged, frustrated, angry or stressed, Blue Kyanite can help clear your blockages. It can also facilitate communication and encourage you to speak your truth.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a highly supportive and calming stone. It can help you deal with negativity by restoring an overall sense of peace. Its cool and calm energy dissolves anger and the fear of rejection and judgment. Use Blue Lace Agate to give you the confidence to speak your truth freely and to express your thoughts and feelings. If you find yourself starting over, it can be very supportive as it fosters forgiveness by encouraging you to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Blue Quartz

Blue Quartz carries the general properties of other Quartz stones, such as being a master healer and focusing positive energy where it is needed. Quartz can transform energy into its most pure state. Blue Quartz has the additional properties of calming the mind and bringing a sense of peace. It is a natural antidepressant that can block negativity and ease fear. It can also enhance creativity by bringing mental clarity and encouraging discipline. Use it to promote clear thinking and help you feel confident in your decisions.


Calcite comes in a wide variety of colors, and each is aligned with a different chakra. In general, Calcite is excellent for manifestation and working towards your dreams/goals. It is also great for cleansing your environment of negativity, increasing your own level of energy, and fighting laziness and procrastination. It is a stone that can calm the mind, promote analytical thought, and heighten awareness of your thoughts and emotions.


The red/orange/brown color of Carnelian is one we typically associate with boldness and energy. This stone lives up to that expectation as it boosts creativity, enhances courage, and restores vitality and motivation. If you are feeling uncertain, apathetic, or self-doubt, Carnelian can help you trust yourself and provide clarity into perceptions. It can also be used to calm negative emotions such as anger, rage, jealousy, and envy.


Chrysocolla, also known as the 'teaching stone' and 'stone of wisdom', is a great stone for relationships and communication. It can help you speak your truth clearly and from the heart while remaining impartial. It is very beneficial at releasing energetic impurities and negativity of all kinds and can be used to stabilize and heal your body and your energy. If you are feeling guilt, grief, or different phobias, Chrysocolla can help bring a sense of calm and joy. It emits soft feminine energy and is helpful during periods of spiritual growth or transformation. It is especially protective and soothing to the heart chakra, but can be used to calm, cleanse, and reenergize all chakras.


Cinnabar (also known as Cinnabarite) is a stone of dull-red to scarlet shades, whose mineral pigments reflect the hot and flaming environment in which it originates. Cinnabar is found as granular crusts or veins related with volcanic activity and hot springs, and is the most common ore for extracting mercury. This crystal is a stone of metamorphosis that encourages an inner quest for truth, development, and self-discovery. If you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious, it can help you start your path - or encourage you to continue moving - towards inner calm. This will allow you to make decisions with your heart and spiritual body rather than your head and mind, which is all too often muddled and easily distracted. Use Cinnabar to reinforce your visions, which leads to positive actions and outcomes. For thousands of years, Cinnabar has been used to create mercury, pigments, and cosmetics. Its use, however, has declined due to its toxicity. Care must always be taken with this stone to avoid inhaling or ingesting dust, and in avoiding direct contact. Always wash your hands after any contact with Cinnabar to avoid exposure to potential trace elements of mercury.


Citrine is a stone to help you manifest your highest power, divinity, and abundance. It can help you achieve prosperity in all aspects of your life, including health, relationships, and wealth. One of the few stones that does not need cleansing, Citrine provides environmental protection by absorbing and grounding negative energy. It is a joyful stone that is ideally placed in the wealth corner (the back left corner) of your home. Note that natural Citrine is quite rare. Most Citrine on the market is heat-treated Amethyst that may not have the original frequency.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a "master stone" and may be the most versatile of all crystals - it amplifies the properties of all other crystals, as well as your energy, thoughts, and feelings. This potent stone is excellent at unblocking energy and helping you feel connected to your higher purpose. When working with other stones, place the flat end of a point of a Clear Quartz crystal against another stone to direct and amplify its energy. A large cluster of Clear Quartz can cleanse other crystals. Because of its ability to store energy and information, if you notice your stone becoming more milky, you can cleanse it with water.


Danburite is a high-vibration stone that helps enable spiritual enlightenment. It aligns the heart and crown chakras, allowing you to connect with your own higher power and become more in tune with yourself. Use it to heal your heart and any deep emotional pain or wounds. Danburite can also ease periods of transition and help you move on from the past. It brings a calming, peaceful, and serene energy.


Emerald has long since been revered as a stone of unconditional love and romance. It is useful in relationships of all kinds as it heightens romance and domestic bliss, enhances partnerships and unity, and promotes friendship. The vibrant green color and energy of Emerald is reminiscent of a bright spring day and it brings with it feelings of regeneration, renewal, and recovery. You can also use Emerald to heal trauma and negative emotions as it aligns with the heart chakra to bring a sense of deep love, wisdom, patience, and worthiness.


Epidote is a natural amplifier and enhancer; use it carefully because it can amplify both good and bad. Use it if you are having a really good day and your day will become even better. You can also use it with other stones to amplify their natural abilities. Epidote can also be used to help you connect to the natural world, improve interpersonal relationships, and ease anxiety/emotional trauma. It's also great at helping you see your strengths and weaknesses realistically as something you can work to improve on or enhance, and as such can help you set realistic goals and encourage your own personal growth.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate encompasses the primary properties of other types of Agate, including harmonizing opposites and extremes to bring a sense of calm and balance. Agate can also help bring about more self-acceptance and increase self-confidence. Fire Agate specifically, with its deep connection to the earth and the fire element, is associated with feelings of security, safety, and grounding. It can facilitate your spiritual journey by encouraging you to follow your intuition and inner guidance system. Holding it can raise deep-help issues and beliefs so that they can be dealt with and released. If you experience feelings of obsession, addiction, cravings, or other destructive behaviors, Fire Agate can help bring a sense of calmness and peace while helping you overcome these issues.


The range of colors of Fluorite indicate its versatility in cleansing and stabilizing the aura and chakras. Its absorptive qualities help draw away stress and negative energies, including electromagnetic. If you are feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, or disorganized, Fluorite can help you feel a sense of balance and structure emotionally, mentally, and physically. Note: Fluorite is a soft crystal and will scratch easily so take caution with how you use and store it.


Fuchsite, often embedded with Ruby, is a classic healer's stone promoting healing of all kinds: emotional, spiritual, and physical. It can help calm and balance your emotions, and bring clarity of mind to all situations. If you often feel responsible for fixing others' problems, Fuchsite can help you take a step back and allow others to learn from their own mistakes. It's also a powerful reminder that you are the only one who can bring true happiness in your life, and encourages you to always choose happiness and joy in every situation. As an amplifier, Fuchsite can heighten the energy and properties of other crystals.


Garnet has a deep history with connections to both Greek Mythology and the Bible. Its often blood-red color has strong sexual connections that can help you both heal from sexual trauma and embrace your own sexual nature by removing inhibitions. It can also be very useful in manifestation as it helps you determine the steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality. It is a stone of protection and energy, bringing courage and hope as it balances energy to bring peace and intensity as needed. Most people think of red when they think of Garnet, but it is available in other colors as well, and the other colors can align with different energies and chakras.


Hematite can help you feel grounded, calm, balanced, and centered. Its primary purpose is to absorb energies around it and is especially useful if you are feeling stressed or anxious. Its strong connection to the earth can help you feel grounded and rooted in the present. Hematite can also help you release limiting beliefs that you didn't even know you had. It can aid in self-acceptance and help you make peace with past mistakes. Note: Because of Hematite's high iron content, it will oxidize if placed in water.


Howlite is a stone of peace and calm. It has strong connections to the Divine and can help you manifest your spiritual and material desires. If you are feeling anxiety, grief, or even extreme negative emotions like rage, Howlite can help calm and soothe you to bring you a sense of peace. You can place a piece of it under your pillow to ease an overactive mind if you suffer from insomnia. It is also a stone that can facilitate clear, calm and meaningful communications.


Jade has long been believed to be a stone of healing, good luck, and good fortune. it can help you find your highest potential and turn your visions into reality by stimulating ideas and making tasks seem less complex. It is also considered to be a 'dream stone' and can be used to undo physical harm, making it a powerful protection stone for children. Its connection with the heart chakra increases feelings of love and nurturing. Note: Green is the most common color; there are others that align with the different chakras accordingly: Red/black/grey - root; orange - sacral; yellow - solar plexus; blue - throat; purple - third eye; white - crown.


Jasper is a stone of supreme manifestation. It encourages self-connection and honesty so you can deal with problems head-on. Jasper also assists with problem solving and quick thinking to support you during conflict. Incredibly balancing, it absorbs negative energy and balances the chakras to bring you peace. It is also incredibly grounding and stabilizing; if you use it during meditation, imagine roots flowing through you into the ground to enhance the feeling of strength and security. Note: Different colors are associated with different chakras: Blue - throat; yellow or brown - solar plexus; green - heart; red or black - root; orange - sacral.


Kunzite is a high-vibration stone that radiates unconditional love and compassion. It can help you connect to the matriarchal side of your personal origin through the Divine Feminine frequency while replacing dark thoughts with ones of love and joy. It is helpful in healing old wounds of past relationships and uncovering buried memories so that you can restore trust in yourself and others and be open to harmony in all areas of your life. You can also use Kunzite to deepen your meditative state, especially if you struggle to enter and stay centered during meditation.


Labradorite is a stone of mysticism and transformation. As an uncut stone, it looks like a regular rock; it isn't until it is cut that you can see its iridescent beauty. Similarly, this stone can help you tap into your higher self by breaking through fears and limiting beliefs, as well as the projections from other people. If you're looking to discern your potential and creativity, Labradorite can energize your mind and help bring new ideas to reality, especially if you work with it during the new moon. Use it to create new possibilities, protect your own energy, and connect with the mystical realm.

Lapis Lazuli

Technically a metamorphic rock and not a crystal, Lapis Lazuli has been found in artifacts of ancient civilizations, proving its status as a semiprecious stone. It is most often used in metaphysical work, helping to connect with your higher purpose, the wisdom of the cosmos, and providing spiritual guidance. It is a stone of enlightenment that can ease stress and bring peace. If you feel that something is holding you back from living your best life, use Lapis Lazuli to encourage self-awareness and inner truth, and to promote effective communication.


Larimar is a unique stone that is found only in and around the Dominican Republic. Also known as the Stone of Atlantis and the Dolphin stone, it has strong connections with water and the ocean and can help you adopt a "go with the flow" attitude. When you think of the ocean, you might think of its peaceful and soothing qualities; Larimar promotes those same feelings within you as it radiates love, peace, compassion, and joy. It is a high-vibration stone that can be used to harmonize your body and soul to new vibrations, helping you release self-sabotaging behavior. You can use it to help you speak your truth calmly and wisely, and to facilitate the healing of heart trauma.


Lepidolite, which is a source of lithium, is known as the mineral version of a mood stabilizer. If you're feeling unfocused, frazzled or tense, Lepidolite can help bring a sense of balance, deep inner peace, and calm. Use it to help quell feelings of anxiousness, overwhelm, or obsessive thoughts, or if you're looking to bring your body and spirit into balance. It can assist with decision-making and embracing change by helping you focus on what's important. It comes in beautiful shades of lavender, lilac, pink, and purple-gray, and is also great for clearing electromagnetic pollution.


Made from iron oxide, Lodestone s a black magnetic stone also called Magnetite. Since it is naturally magnetic, it is powerful for manifestation as it helps you attract your desires to you. It can also strengthen your rationality and intuition, enabling you to successfully handle whatever present situation you may find yourself in. Use it to draw positive emotions to you and release negative ones, and to enable easy flow of energy to your base chakras which aids in feelings of security and grounding.


Malachite is a powerful healing stone, cleansing both the environment and the body. It pulls negative energy from around it, easily absorbing pollutants; as such it should be cleansed regularly. It amplifies both positive and negative energies, so it is recommended to use this stone with caution. Additionally it highlights areas of blockage, both physically and emotionally, which can encourage healing growth through discomfort. Malachite is believed to still be evolving and may be an incredibly important healing stone in the future.


Moldavite is actually a tektite, a class of rocks formed from a meteor impact, so it is a 'space rock'. As such, it is thought to possess or transmute extraterrestrial energies and take you beyond the limits of the Earth. It is a high-vibration stone that helps you communicate with your higher self. Moldavite can dramatically boost the energies of other stones and the environment and it is best to introduce it slowly into your practice so you can adjust your frequency accordingly. If you feel spaced out after using it, Clear or Smoky Quartz can stabilize its effect and assist with grounding. It is very rare and thought that it will become extinct. Moldavite aligns with all chakras (especially Crown and Heart), and zodiac signs, (especially Scorpio).

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper, also known as Australian Jasper due to its origin, is a rare yet popular crystal. This stone has some of the brightest yellows and reds for a natural mineral, and the colors are highly appealing. Each Mookaite crystal is a combination of Chert, Chalcedony, and Opalite. It works closely with Sunstone as together they radiate their positively. Mookaite helps you live in the now by grounding your mind, heart, and soul. Often we can be overwhelmed by the oncoming future, and overthinking will never help. Mookaite is your companion to let go of tomorrow's uncertainty while embracing the power you yield in the present. If you're eager for change or new experiences, Mookaite can help you face them calmly and with gratitude. Due to its balancing health and restorative properties, it is beneficial to always have Mookaite nearby, such as in jewelry or under your pillow. This crystal may also help the body reduce the effect of aging and boost your immune and digestive systems.


Not surprisingly, Moonstone is strongly connected with the moon and lunar phases, and with femininity and goddess energy. It is a helpful reminder that all things go through phases of change and nothing is constant. It can encourage you to honor your own cycles and help you reach a deeper connection with your intuition. It is a stone of new beginnings and is more potent as the lunar cycle approaches the full moon. If you are feeling emotional instability or triggers, Moonstone can help calm and balance your emotions and promote rational responses. Moonstone is typically a milky color with an opalescent sheen, and appears to change color as light shines through it.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate has incredibly strong connections with nature, which you can see in both its name and its green/blue/brown colors. It is earthy, nourishing, and grounding, and can heighten fertility and ease childbirth given its strong connection with Mother Earth. Use Moss Agate to heal traumatic wounds and old blockages, especially ones from your childhood. This is a stone that encourages trust and hope, and helps you see beauty in everything around you while balancing your mood and energies.


Obsidian is molten lava that cooled quickly; it has no crystalline structure which means it has no limitations and works quickly and powerfully. It is a stone of truth and growth, highlighting flaws, blockages, and weaknesses so they can be dealt with and released. Use it to help deal with information or situations that are hard to accept as it teaches you to value mistakes as successes. Obsidian is a strong grounding stone and can be a powerful protector against negativity of all kinds. Some people find it too powerful and it may be best used under the guidance of a qualified therapist.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a relatively rare stone that brings joy, self-expression, and playfulness. It can shine a light on your past and encourage you to take responsibility for yourself and to be honest with yourself. Use it to access your inner child, release fears, and tap into your vast creative potential. It also reminds us of the cycles of nature and can assist you in coping with change. Ocean Jasper also has the qualities of Jasper, which is a great stone to use during times of stress since it absorbs negative energy and aligns all aspects of life - physical, emotional, and mental - with the earth realm.


Onyx is a stone that can help calm worry, fear, and tension. It is a protective and grounding stone that can aid in helping you make wise decisions while aligning your energy with a higher power. If you are feeling particularly down, use Onyx to banish your inner critic and feel encouraged to face your fears and insecurities. It can also assist in stabilizing and providing harmony to your relationships, and can help realize when it is time to end ones that no longer serve you.


Opal is a highly protective stone and is especially helpful for sensitive people who are looking for help calming the mind and accessing higher levels of intuition. It is a karmic stone, meaning that what you put out comes back to you, including your thoughts and emotions. This stone can assist in discovering your true potential and enhances your originality. Depending on the color of opal you have, its association with the different chakras varies. Note: Opal lacks a crystalline structure and therefore isn't technically a crystal. They are delicate and should not be cleansed in water or salt.


Peridot (also known as Olivine) is most helpful in healing emotional trauma, releasing negative patterns, and easing feelings of anger, jealousy, spite, and resentment. It can help you see past experiences and people as gifts and teachers, aiding in your own growth and progression. If you are craving compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness, use Peridot to help you stay open and present and experience gratitude for everything that has shaped you into who you are.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline, like other colors of Tourmaline, can help provide protection and grounding. Pink Tourmaline specifically is associated with the heart chakra and can be useful in attracting and manifesting romantic love. Use it during meditation to deeply understand the importance of self-love before you can give and accept love to others. Watermelon Tourmaline, which is green and pink, is especially powerful at manifesting love.


Iron Pyrite is often called Fool's Gold because it was mistaken for gold during the Gold Rush. Its gold color brings masculine energy and the structure of the sun. It is a great stone to access your full potential by creating structure and drive in your life. It can help you magnetize your intentions by enhancing focus and determination. If you are feeling despair, inadequate, or inferior, Pyrite can help you release these negative feelings and embrace a positive outlook. It is also a great energy shield to block negative energy and pollutants. Note: Do not place in water; cleanse with smoke or sound instead.


Rhodochrosite is a stone of love and is powerful for heart-healing. It is especially useful for relationships that have ended as it enables emotional release by bringing stored traumas and wounds to the surface so they can be healed and released. This stone helps with mental stress, feelings of low self-worth or self-blame, denial, and irrational fears, encouraging you to be present through all life's changes. Use Rhodochrosite to help you face truths about yourself and others with compassion and forgiveness rather than denial and guilt. Note: Rhodochrosite often has white bands, which is something that distinguishes it from Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart, primarily associated with love, kindness, and compassion - for self and others. It can help you feel more calm and balanced, releasing past emotional tensions and facilitating healing. It replaces negative energy with loving vibes, reminding you of your own positive intentions and affirmations. The stone can open your heart and stimulate receptiveness, self-forgiveness, and self-trust. It is most helpful in coming to terms with emotions, grief, and feelings of despair after losing love.


Ruby is prized as precious gemstone and its red color symbolizes love of all types, for self and others. It is a very healing and cleansing stone that can assist with clearing blocked emotions and healing old wounds, encouraging you to process them and let them go. It is also a stone of desire, not just for love but also for dreams and ambitions; it can enhance your motivation and help you set realistic goals so that you can achieve them. Ruby is said to be a 'warning stone' that can darken when threatened by danger or illness. Note: You may also find it as Ruby Fuchsite which is a naturally occurring combination of Ruby and Green Fuchsite.


Sapphire is a stone of protection, manifestation, tranquility, and wisdom. Its deep blue color aligns with the throat chakra and aids in self-expression and communication, bringing you into alignment with your personal truth and helping you speak without fear of judgment. It inspires loyalty, joy, truth, clarity, and consciousness, and attracts prosperity of all kinds. Use Sapphire if you are feeling overwhelmed by unwanted thoughts as it helps to calm your mind, release frustration and lighten your mood. Note: The most common color is blue, but also comes in a variety of colors including orange, yellow and pink.


Selenite is a strong cleansing stone that works with all other crystals. You can use it to clear negative energy, the aura, and other crystals. Since it does not absorb or store energy, it does not need to be cleansed. If you are feeling confused, indecisive, or unfocused, use Selenite to bring clarity of the mind and ease judgment. It can also help you connect with your intuition and the Divine. Note: Selenite is a very soft stone and can be damaged easily. Store it away from other crystals, and do not expose it to water or salt.


Shungite is one of the most powerful stones for energetic release and cleaning/detoxifying physical spaces. It is especially protective and useful on the effects of EMFs, including radiation, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, microwave and other vibrational emissions. Use it to restore emotional, physical, and spiritual balance, and to anchor yourself to the earth. Made from a rare carbon material, it is extremely protective can be used to cleanse other stones. It does not require its own cleansing.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is known for transforming negative energy into positive energy. If you're feeling weighed down, uncertain, or overwhelmed, it can help you let go, move forward, and trust in the universe. It can assist with detoxification in all areas, bringing a sense of balance and harmony.

Snowflake Obsidian

Seen as the stone of Purity, Snowflake Obisidian is recognized as a deep black stone containing distinctive gray and/or white patterns that resemble snowflakes. It originates when volcanic lava and gas cools rapidly. The chance addition of white minerals (Cristobalite) become trapped in the stone and form the snowflake pattern, differentiating this process from that of Black Obsidian. Just like a snowflake, each is unique. The black and white colors signify the balancing of light and shadow. This crystal brings equilibrium between opposing sides, as well as insight into each side. It is a gentle reminder that it can be helpful to reflect on both the good and the bad and remember that there is always something positive to focus on or be a part of. Using Snowflake Obsidian can help you learn from your mistakes and your successes. This crystal is best utilized as a powerful negative energy cleanser, assisting in the removal of not just bad energy from the environment, but also negativity from your own emotions. If you are facing personal transformation, Snowflake Obsidian can help you surrender while valuing the gift of the experience.


Sodalite is a great stone to achieve balance in your life, emotionally and energetically. Use it to deepen your meditation practice and experience a higher connection with your intuition and spiritual guidance. It can also help you discover and speak your personal truth while attracting the energies you desire in your life. Use it to release panic attacks, guilt, phobias, shame and oversensitivity; it can help you be true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. Sodalite is also extremely beneficial for groups as it helps to build connections through effective communication


Sunstone is a stone that can connect you to the life-giving power of the sun. It can help ease anxiety and depression and may even be beneficial for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. You can also use Sunstone to foster a deeper connection with yourself and learn to trust your intuition/internal guidance. It can help you determine the steps you need to take to achieve your dreams and fosters the determination to put tasks in motion. If you have a hard time saying "no", Sunstone can ease feelings of guilt and failure while increasing your overall happiness and thirst for life.


Tanzanite, a variety of the mineral Zoisite, is a highly spiritual stone that can help you discover your true spiritual nature. Its strong connection with the crown chakra can facilitate psychic power. Use it to remove anything that doesn't serve you and to clear energetic blockages, including the chakras. By helping you have a higher awareness, it encourages you to live in the present. If you're feeling overworked, depressed, or anxious, Tanzanite can encourage you to take time for yourself and to slow down.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye can help you come back to yourself by manifesting your highest self-worth, self-expression, and self-love. It can help you take the initiative on your dreams and move forward from a place of grounded awareness. If you are feeling self-doubt, uncommitted, or critical about yourself, Tiger's Eye can help you identify your talents and help you overcome obstacles in your path. Note: Raw Tiger's Eye may contain asbestos so be sure to only work with polished stones.


Turquoise is a stone of balance in all areas of contrast and helps you see the connections between and importance of differences; this includes male/female energies, earth/sky, and dark/light. It is a powerful protective and defensive stone that promotes inner calm, clear vision, and spirituality. Make sure you have natural turquoise, and not dyed Howlite.